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Sensei Hazard Course October 2012

A fantastic weekends training with Sensei Hazard again this weekend covering a vast array of techniques, strategies, kata and kumite training. The course also entailed a Dan grading and special mention should go to Dale Straker and Justine Thompson who were promoted to 3rd and 1st Dan respectively. Thanks again to Senesei Hazard and see you again in January!


Club Grading September 2012

Some great performances at this years penultimate grading from all who attended. Continue working hard and improving.

Amelia Murray, Charlotte Murray, Erin Carr, William Penketh, Caitlin Johnstone (9th Kyu)

Matthew Herron (8th Mon)

Gary Herron, James Herron (8th Kyu)

Danile Ellison (7th Mon)

John Scade (7th Kyu)

Owen Rickitt (6th Mon)

Daniel Dixon, Eve Hopwood, Arjun Venkata (6th Kyu)

Dan Doyle (5th Kyu)

Amanda Lyons (4th Kyu)

Ben Doyle, Taylor Vipond (1st Kyu)


Club Grading July 2012

More successes for many of Morpeth and Blyth dojo students at the recent regional grading.

Ghinah Laidler, Jasmin Laidler, Omar Laidler, Declan Patterson (9th Mon)

Kayleigh Leach (9th Kyu)

Regan Johnson, Keira Richardson, Caryl Cubarol, Joseph Carr (8th Mon)

Shannon Frances Hill, Brandon Day, Charlotte Urwin (8th Kyu)

Sam Bradley, Jacob Carr (7th Mon)

Natalie Urwin (6th Mon)

Alan Watson (6th Kyu)

Alex Carr, Lucy Boiston (5th Kyu)

Jay Dixon, Joe Siney (4th Mon)

Izzy Webb (4th Kyu)

William McCubbin, Ruari Thompson (3rd Kyu)

Sam Lyons (2nd Kyu)


Club Grading May 2012

Great to see so many students from Blyth and Morpeth karate clubs putting in the hard work and achieving their next grades. Congratulations and keep on working hard.

William Penketh, Chloe Thompson (9th Mon)

Gary Herron, Jack Watson, Matthew Herron, James Herron (9th Kyu)

Brandon Day, Thomas Locks, Amy Locks (8th Mon)

Julia Swinglehurst, Daniel Ellison (8th Kyu)

John Scade (7th Mon)

Kathleen Swinglehurst, Jack Andrews, Owen Rickett (7th Kyu)

Nathan Clemmitt, Oliver Bultitude, Daniel Dixon, Eve Hopwood, Tom Colvin, Alex Colvin, James Colvin, Arjun Venkata (6th Mon)

Daniel Doyle, Alistair McCubbin (5th Mon)

Graeme Scade, Amanda Lyons (5th Kyu)

Taylor Vipond, Ben Doyle (1st Kyu)


Club Grading March 2012

More successes for members from Blyth and Morpeth karate clubs at the recent grading, great to see lots of students getting through their first time with flying colours.

Keira Richardson, Regan Johnson, Shannon Frances-Hill, Brandon Day, Joseph Carr, Caryl Cubarol (9th Kyu)

Jacob Carr, Alan Watson (8th Kyu)

Alex Carr (6th Kyu)

Lucy Boiston, Joe Sinney, Jay Dixon (5th Kyu)

Isabel Webb (4th Kyu)

Ruari Thompson, William McCubbin (3rd Kyu)

Sam Lyons (2nd Kyu)


Hartlepool Wadokai Open Karate Championships 18th March 2012

A two person squad from the club attended the Hartlepool Wadokai Open and both returned with medals and experience from the event. Sensei Jeff Westgarth was also on hand to help with officiating throughout the day.

Female Kumite 18yrs+ 3rd Kyu and above - 3rd Place - Jenny Westgarth

Female Team Kumite - 2nd Place - Jenny Westgarth

Male Kata 3rd Kyu and above - 1st Place - Dave Westgarth

Male Kumite 70Kgs+ - 1st Place - Dave Westgarth

Grand Champion - Dave Westgarth


T.A.S.K Open Karate Competition 4th March 2012

Congratulations to club competitor Jenny Westgarth on her recent performance at the T.A.S.K Open Competition leading to victory in the ladies kumite event.

Female Kumite 18yrs+ - 1st Place - Jenny Westgarth



Club Grading January 2012

Great to see more members progressing through the ranks at this early point in the year! Keep working hard.

Erin Carr, Jack Watson, Mathew Herron, James Herron, Amelia Murray, Charlotte Morray (9th Mon)

Thomas Locks, Amy Locks, Tom Bolton (9th Kyu)

Charlotte Urwin, Julia Swinglehurst, Eloise Southern-Thompson (8th Mon)

Sam Bradley, John Scade, Daniel Ellison (8th Kyu)

Kathleen Swinglehurst, Reuban Wilkinson, Jack Andrews, Owen Rickett (7th Mon)

 Nathan Clement, Oliver Bultitude, Daniel Dixon, Eve Hopwood, Tom Colvin, Alex Colvin, James Colin,Arjun Adidam Venkata, Natalie Urwin (7th Kyu)

Graeme Scade, Alistair McCubbin, Daniel Doyle (6th Kyu)

Ben Doyle, Taylor Vipond (2nd Kyu)

Christmas Break

The club will close only for 2 sessions this year on Friday the 23rd and Tuesday the 27th of December classes resume on Friday the 30th of December. Need to see plenty of people training for Sensei Hazard's visit in early January further details to follow! Happy Holidays!

Kyu Grading 7th October 2011

A big well done to students of Blyth and Morpeth karate clubs who climbed the grading ladder this week. Great turnout and good to see everybody coming through the ranks!

Thomas Locks, Amy Locks, Sophie Podbur (9th Mon)

Daniel Ellsion (9th Kyu)

Sam Bradley, John Scade (8th Mon)

Owen Rickitt, Jack Andrews, Ruban Wilkinson, Nathan Docherty (8th Kyu)

Natalie Urwin, Arjun Venkata, Tom Colvin, Alex Colvin, James Colvin, Eve Hopwood, Daniel Dixon,

Nathan Clemmitt (7th Mon)

Graeme Scade (7th Kyu)

Daniel Doyle (6th Mon)

Ben Doyle, Taylor Vipond (2nd Mon)

Rachel Barnes (1st Kyu)


Dan Grading October 2011

No less than 4 club students took their respective dan gradings with all passing to their next step in training. Stuart Thompson and Andrew Smith promoted to 1st Dan Jenny Westgarth promoted to 2nd Dan and Steve Hussey promoted to 3rd Dan a big congratulations from everyone at the club!


4th South Yorkshire Karate Championships 8th August 2011

A small ASK squad attended this competition all performing to a high standard in a multitude of events all of whom did the club and the association proud results displayed below.

Male Kata - 2nd Place – Dale Straker 

13-15 Year Old Kata - 2nd Place – Ruari Thompson

16-17 Female Kumite - 3rd Place – Justine Thompson


ASK Instructors Course August 1st 2011

Club Instructors Jeff, Jenny and David Westgarth, Juli Pops, Steve Hussey, Lynn Thompson and Dale Straker all attended the recent ASK instructors course which comprised insightful sessions into Heian Kata and Bassai Dai, Basics and Kumite. Also taking place at the start of the day Blyth Shotokan Karate Club founder Sensei Jeff Westgarth was promoted to 7th Dan in light of his massive contribution to the art for more than 30 years. The club is thrilled at this news and we hope its members are as pleased!

July 29th 2011 Grading

Good job to all those who passed their gradings this month Sensei was quick to comment he was pleased with the standard of all those who participated!

Tom Bolton, Julia Swinglehurst, Charlotte Urwin (9th Mon)

Andy Thompson, Eleanor Saunders, Eloise Thompson (9th Kyu)

Alex Carr, Kathleen Swinglehurst (8th Kyu)

Oliver Buktitude (7th Mon)

Lucy Boiston, Alistair McCubbin (6th Mon)

Callum Gray, Jay Dixon, Joe Siney (6th Kyu)

Isabel Webb (5th Mon)

William McCubbin, Ruari Thompson (4th Mon)

Sam Lyons (3rd Mon)

Emily Webb (1st Mon)


May 27th 2011 Grading

A big well done to all who passed in the May grading held at Blyth dojo keep up the hard work!

Daniel Ellison (9th Mon)

Abbey Barnes, Christopher Mould, Daniel Mould, Nathan Mould (9th Kyu)

Jason Tully (8th Kyu)

Daniel Doyle (7th Kyu)

Joseph Wood (4th Kyu)

Ben Doyle, Taylor Vipond (3rd Kyu)

Rachel Barnes (2nd Kyu)


March 25th 2011 Grading

Congratulations to the following students of Blyth and Morpeth karate clubs who recently progressed at the regional grading at Blyth dojo.

Alex Carr, Eloise Southern-Thompson (9th Mon)

 Jacob Carr, Brandon Carr (9th Kyu)

Charlotte Evenden, Kathleen Swinglehurst (8th Mon)

Alex Colvin, Oliver Bultitude, Tom Colvin, Eve Hopwood, James Colvin (8th Kyu)

Lucy Boiston (7th Mon)

Alistair Mccubbin (7th Ku)

Callum Gray, Jay Dixon, Joe Sinney (6th Mon)

Alex Trinder, Isabel Webb (6th Kyu)

Ruari Thompson (5th Kyu)

Sam Lyons, Jack Trinder (4th Kyu)

Justine Thompson (1st Kyu)


BUCS 2011 Karate Championship

Men's U84Kg Kumite-2nd Place - David Westgarth 


Dan Grading January 2011

Congratulations to David Westgarth who passed his grading to 3rd Dan from the club.
34th North East Open Karate Championships

Ladies Kata 2nd Jenny Westgarth - Blyth 3rd Tania Covell - Morpeth

Mens Kata 1st Dale Straker - Morpeth

Men & Women Junior Grade Kata 1st Stuart Thompson - Morpeth 2nd Andrew Smith - Morpeth

Childrens Kata 13 to 15 years 3rd Justine Thompson - Morpeth Childrens Kata under 10 years 2nd Isabel Webb - Morpeth

Team Kata Joint 3rd Morpeth - Eilidh MacLeod, William MacLeod, Justine Thompson Joint 3rd Morpeth - Ruari Thompson, Jay Dixon, Isabel Webb

Pairs Kata – Over 16 years 2nd Morpeth - Dale Straker & Andrew Smith 3rd Morpeth - Tania Covell & Stuart Thompson

Pairs Kata – Under 16 years 2nd Morpeth - Eilidh MacLeod & Emily Webb 3rd Morpeth - Justine Thompson & William MacLeod

Under 16 Years Sanbon Kumite 2nd Rachel Barnes - Blyth

Mens senior Kumite Over 75K 2nd David Westgarth - Blyth

Mens senior Kumite Under 75K 2nd Dale Straker - Morpeth

Mens Senior Kumite Openweight 3rd Dale Straker - Morpeth

Ladies Kumite Over 60 K 1st Jenny Westgarth - Blyth

Ladies Kumite Openweight 1st Jenny Westgarth - Blyth

Childrens Kumite 12 & 13 years 3rd Jack Trinder - Blyth

Boys Kumite 14 & 15 years 3rd William MacLeod - Morpeth

Childrens Team Kumite 12 years and under 2nd Blyth - Jack Trinder, Dan Doyle, Ben Doyle

Childrens Team Kumite over 12 years 2nd Morpeth – Jay Dixon, William MacLeod, Eilidh MacLeod

3rd South Yorkshire Open Karate Championships
Blyth and Morpeth Karate Club's sent a tiny 3 person squad to the championships and all returned with medal's. Instructors Jeff Westgarth and Steve Hussey also attended and officiated at the event gaining valuable experience and refereeing many of the final's and medal matches.

Men's Kata
Dale Straker 2nd
Dave Westgarth 3rd

Female 16-17 years Kumite
3rd Jenny Wetgarth

Men's Team Kumite
2nd ASK

25th Tyne & Wear Open Karate Championships
Ladies Kata
1st - Michelle Straker - Morpeth

Mens Kata
1st - Dale Straker - Morpeth
3rd - David Westgarth - Blyth

Junior Grade Mixed Kata
1st - Michelle Straker - Morpeth
2nd - Stuart Thompson - Morpeth
3rd - Amy Thompson - Morpeth

Childrens Kata 13 - 15 years
3rd - Sarah Bryson - Morpeth

Childrens Kata 10 - 12 years
2nd - Eilidh MacLeod - Morpeth

Team Kata
Joint 3rd - Eilidh Macleod, Sarah bryson, Justine Thompson
Joint 3rd - Ruari Thompson, Jay Dixon, Isabel Webb

Pairs Kata
3rd - Tania Covell & Stuart Thompson

Pairs Kata - Under 16 years
2nd - Sarah Bryson & Justine Thompson
Joint 3rd - Eilidh MacLeod & Emily Webb
Joint 3rd - Andrew Smith & William McLeod

Under 16's Sanbon Kumite
1st - Justine Thompson - Morpeth
2nd - Sarah Bryson - Morpeth
3rd - Andrew Smith - Morpeth

Mens Senior Team Kumite
1st - Academy of Shotokan Karate

Mens Senior Kumite Over 75kg
3rd - David Westgarth - Blyth

Mens Senior Kumite Openweight
1st - David Westgarth - Blyth

Ladies Kumite Over 60kg
1st - Jenny Westgarth - Blyth

Ladies Kumite Openweight
2nd - Jenny Westgarth - Blyth

Childrens Team Kumite
2nd - ASK Jack Trinder, Joseph Wood & Jay Dixon