Gradings are held regularly and are open to all club members over the age of 8.  They offer a chance to measure progress for both the student and their instructors.
Kyu Gradings are held around every 3 months and the minimum amount of time between gradings at kyu grade is 3 months allowing that the student is training regularly. Dan gradings however are held less regularly and often require intensive training from the student for periods of months.
Gradings comprise three key elements of karate Kihon (basic's), Kata and Kumite. These are assessed according to the ASK syllabus which is available at the club and devised by Senei Dave Hazard 7th Dan. Gradings become increasingly more challenging as the student progresses and are there to offer a unique challenge to all who participate. All members are encouraged to take part in the grading system however this is not compulsory.
Most karate clubs grade their students through a coloured belt system. However the rank denoted by each colour can differ between clubs and associations the current system employed by the ASK is shown below.