Welcome to the online home of Blyth Shotokan Karate Club!

Hello and welcome to the online home of Blyth Shotokan Karate Club. We are one of the longest established karate clubs in the area and have been going for more than 25 years at our current home, Blyth Sports Centre. Our club is affiliated to the Academy of Shotokan Karate (ASK) which is headed by Sensei Dave Hazard 7th Dan.

The club has turned out many senior dan grades throughout its illustrious history many of whom still practice their art at the club today. As well as forming experienced and skilled senior instructors the club has also produced strings of regional, national and international champions in both kata and kumite throughout the years.

If you're looking for a dynamic change to your life which can offer so much to all young and old, experienced and novice male and female then please feel free to get in touch with any of the contacts made available throughout the website.